Beverly W.
A 21 year old, second year Illustration student from Ontario, Canada.

All artwork on this blog is mine unless otherwise stated.


Hey guys! 

This is just a little psa for those who are expecting stuff from me.
I’m just letting you know, it’s on it’s way! 

If you haven’t noticed yet I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of stress from a totally destroyed bedroom from storm damages including: smashed window from air pressure, mildewy ceiling from leaking water, water damage on floor causing the tiles to warp and buckle, etc. etc.

I know it’s amusing to some people but with all these damages I’ve unfortunately had to witness a bunch of my belongings get ruined, destroyed, and have to be replaced including my bed and everything that was on it…

And to be fair, if I’d been in my room when the window smashed, I’d probably be in the hospital right now. I’m thankful Marc and I were out grocery shopping at the time of that incident…

So, even though I’m living on a sofa in my living room I just want to stress that, I’m still producing things! Mail has been sent out and art has been created (and is still being finished), so don’t fret.

If you’re still waiting on things, this is primarily why and I thought it’d be appropriate to let everyone know that. 
I’ve nearly had to redo a couple pieces because of this mess but luckily everyone’s art has been saved.

Anyway that’s all I wanted to say, thank you for understanding!

commission stuff!commission stuff!

someone save me from brokeville oakville